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Anthologie des écrivaines :

Les femmes dans l'Histoire littéraire française

Literature | Advanced*

6 weeks | $350 | 5 participants

Classes on Thursdays at 3 pm (CT-Chicago)



(January 14- February 25)



When it comes to French literature, most people can name a few writers who had a historical impact on Western culture. Victor Hugo, Molière, or Albert Camus are some of the most famous French writers in the world. But what about female writers? What did they bring to the French literary, cultural, and historical legacy, and why are they not as famous as their male counterparts?

This six-week course is an exploration of literary texts written by female French authors through the centuries. Starting in the Middle Ages to finish in the contemporary world, the course aims to discover writers barely mentioned in the anthologies of literature and history.

First, we will explore the reasons why French female writers are not as visible as male writers, and the actions recently taken to rectify that lack of balance. Then, we will go back in time to meet with the female pioneers of French literature. The course will take us from the early poems of the Middle Ages to the mundane salons, to today’s world. Finally, the course will offer to learn more about some of the most famous contemporary female writers. 

Through literary and historical readings as well as conversations, you will be invited on a journey to be more acquainted with historical figures and literary works that are worth knowing. Additionally, the course will challenge you to use your French to understand the texts studied in class, and to exchange your points of view with your classmates.

I cannot wait to go on that journey with you!

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