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Atelier de français | French Workshop

La poésie surréaliste

Niveau intermédiaire* | Intermediate level

1h30 | $20 

  10 avril 2021

April 10 2021

11 am (Chicago)

6 pm (Paris)



Are you familiar with the Surrealism movement?

In the aftermath of World War I, this cultural movement thrived to reach the truth hidden beyond what can be understood by our reason. The result of this artistic approach of reality is a collection of somewhat illogical creative works. You may know some paintings inspired by this movement, such as those by Salvador Dalí and René Magritte.

This one-hour-and-a-half special workshop will go over the history and principles of the Surrealism movement in France through the lens of poetry.

The class is open to everyone and will be in French. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of poetry to attend, we will start at the beginning!

The workshop will allow you to:


- Learn about Surrealism: What was it? Who theorized it? Who participated in the movement in France?

- Analyze a poem with Anaïs and the group to understand how surrealist writing works.

- Practice and free your French writing during a very laidback, fun and non-judgmental workshop, and see other learners'work!

This workshop is designed for learners at an intermediate or advanced level of French. During the workshop, we will adjust the level of language so that everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy themself!


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