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Proofreading + Editing Services

Let me take a look at your work!

You have a text in French that you would like to have proofread and/or edited, and I have solid expertise in the French language: Let's work together!

Although I am a teacher first and foremost, some customers have reached out to me to work on their French work. Every time, I estimated the amount of time I would spend on their project and sent them a quote based on the number of pages that needed my expertise.

Afterward, I provided them with thorough and explanatory feedback on their text, with corrections and suggestions.

When I work on a proofreading/editing project, I look for spelling and conjugation mistakes as well as the syntax, vocabulary, and simple typos. 

No matter what your project is, it is unique and I will work with you to meet its specific needs. Don't hesitate to contact me to ask about my proofreading/editing rates (which vary in function of your needs and the nature of your content) and to discuss your goals with me! 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional translator and I do not provide translation services.

Types of projects I have worked on 


I am looking forward to adding more projects to my collection: resumes, emails, letters, and other literary or academic papers: let me know what you need, and I will come up with a plan!

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