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Meet me, Anaïs Boulard
Teacher, Course Designer, Pedagogy expert, and Founder of Dr. Anaïs!

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Anaïs Boulard, Ph.D

I am a French native who truly is a Doctor - in Comparative literature - and I dedicate my time to teaching French to my beloved learners from all around the world.

My passion for teaching French (in short!)

My journey with teaching French started in 2011 when I moved to Iowa for a year to become a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant. There, I discovered a true passion for teaching my language and sharing my culture with others. In the past ten years, I have taught French to adult non-native speakers in universities in France and in the United States. I started teaching independently in 2017, with over 3,000 online private lessons taught since then.

Since 2021, I've also been bringing my expertise in pedagogy to the most popular language app in the world (hint: green owl) - designing and/or reviewing the French content published on the app.

My teaching philosophy

My teaching style truly revolves around the well-being of my students: my main care is that learners feel good during our lessons and that they feel like they are really benefiting from our classes. In order to achieve that goal, I strive to adopt a positive and constructive attitude while listening to my students' French. I believe that the process of learning can be very enjoyable, and I am all about sprinkling a little joy and kindness over everything I do!


French for ALL: the importance of inclusivity and acknowledgment 

I also find it very important for people to feel seen and acknowledged in their identity, which is why I am committed to creating a safe environment in which people from all types of backgrounds can feel welcomed and at ease. In order to achieve this goal, I have spent the last decade educating myself on privilege and the history of oppression in France and in the USA. 

Therefore, Dr. Anaïs pledges to respect each and all identities, stand against intolerance and bias, and focus on promoting social justice and equality. In my practice, I also acknowledge the colonial history of the French legacy, and I keep learning ways to teach the French language while recognizing its history as an oppressor in many places of the world, and for many populations.

Feel free to ask me about that, as I am passionate about that part of my work!

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