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French lessons 

Tailored for you

All about what you want and what you need

Enjoy lessons adapted to where you come from, where you are going, and how you would like to get there.

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My French lessons are adapted to what you need. Whether you learned French in school in the past, you are learning it on your own with various tools, or you are a complete beginner seeking to learn a new language, I will design a plan made to guide you in your progress. The lessons will allow you to improve your vocabulary, your grammar, your speaking and reading skills, and most of all, it will help build your confidence.

Your customized digital notebook

Keep track of vocabulary, suggestions for improvement & your overall progress


On your first lesson, I will give your access to a digital notebook conceived to track your progress and the topics we will cover through each lesson. You will gain unlimited access to this document, which will be entirely customized to your learning journey. After several years of working with me, some of my students have notebooks long enough to be schoolbooks! They usually enjoy going back to them and reviewing the previous lessons before each class.

The price is right!

Always know what you pay for, meaning a lot of French and joy!

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One of my priorities is to give access to French lessons to as many people as possible, and therefore to keep my prices at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, I love when others businesses are transparent about their charges, and when I do not have to go dig deep into their website to find their prices.

For these reasons, I am offering a unique price that includes several services. My flat rate of $50/hour includes access to your digital customized notebook, one hour of French lesson with diverse activities, topics, exercises, etc. (depending on our strategy), and a pleasant time in a relaxed atmosphere. When you book a lesson, you can be sure that you are investing in high-quality learning and a whole lot of joy!  

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