French lessons 

Tailored for you

All about what you want and what you need

Enjoy lessons adapted to where you come from, where you are going, and how you would like to get there.

My French lessons are adapted to what you need. Whether you learned French in school in the past, you are learning on your own with various tools, or you are a complete beginner seeking to learn a new language, I will design a plan made to guide you in your progress. The lessons will allow you to improve your vocabulary, your grammar, your speaking and reading skills, and most of all, to build your confidence.

Your customized digital notebook

Keep track of vocabulary, suggestions for improvement & your overall progress

On your first lesson, I will give your access to a digital notebook conceived to track your progress and the topics we will cover through each lesson. You will gain unlimited access to this document, which will be entirely customized to your learning journey. After several years of working with me, some of my students have notebooks long enough to be schoolbooks! They usually enjoy going back to them and review the previous lessons before each class.

The price is right!

Always know what you pay for, meaning a lot of French and joy!

One of my priorities is to give access to French lessons to as many people as possible, and therefore to keep my prices at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, I love when others businesses are transparent about their charges, and when I do not have to go dig deep on their website to find their prices.

For these reasons, I am offering a unique price that includes several services. My flat rate of $45/hour includes access to your digital customized notebook, one hour of French lesson with diverse activities, topics, exercises, etc. (depending on our strategy), and a pleasant time in a relaxed atmosphere. When you book a lesson, you can be sure that you are investing in high-quality learning and a whole lot of joy!  


My small business could not exist without the many wonderful customers who have made it grow in the past three years.

Check what they think about their French lessons with me!


New York, NY

I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Anais during the month of July as I prepared for my Oral Proficiency Interview test (OPI). This is a 30-minute conversation over the phone to assess my speaking ability.

Although Dr. Anais was unfamiliar with the test, she went above and beyond to research and learn about it. She made me feel so comfortable about her knowledge of the test that I was able to take a step back from understanding the logistics about the test and solely focus on my language skills. I did not expect to take a backseat in researching about the test / what to expect day of (as I was also new to the test), but Dr. Anais impressed me with all the information she was able to gather that I felt very comfortable with her.

During our lessons, Dr. Anais and I would do mock conversations which resembled the exact test. She really equipped me with all the tools to succeed and feel confident. All in all, I got the score I wanted and I am very pleased with my experience. Dr. Anais truly brought joy and happiness to each lesson, and I was always looking forward to seeing her.

Tutoring is all about personalized experiences, and Dr. Anais embodies this when working with her students. She listens to your goals and then creates a project plan for you. I enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Anais so much that I will continue to work with her in the Fall to keep up with my French language and culture.

Thank you so much Dr. Anais and I will definitely refer you to my network!



I've been taking lessons with Dr Anaïs for just over a year, starting when I had just made the decision to move to Canada.
I look forward to talking to her on my weekly (electricity cuts allowing) lessons. We have a laugh about the fact that many of the words I get stuck on are 'very important' like écluse and hiéroglyphe.
For me it very quickly felt like more of a conversation with a friend than with a teacher. That doesn't mean that the lessons aren't structured - Anaïs clearly puts in a lot of effort to tailor each session, we cover the things that I get stuck on and new concepts are introduced frequently - but it feels natural. This is exactly what I needed - she has helped me get over the 'fear hump' of talking to people in French (I used to be scared of even the small exchanges in shops and restaurants, but it comes naturally to me now) which has been incredibly valuable.
I can't recommend Dr Anaïs highly enough, everyone needs someone like her in their life.



Dr. Anaïs is truly a breath of fresh French air! Her creativity, energy and genuine passion for sharing her love of the French language are best-in-(now virtual)-class. If you're feeling even the tiniest bit bogged down by your current French-learning environment, you'll thank yourself for connecting with Dr. Anaïs. Super-heroine that she is, she'll swoop in with a personalized learning plan for you and French will be fun again! Allez, allez!


United States of America

After forgetting much of the French I had studied throughout high school and college, Anaïs has helped me tremendously in re-learning and improving my French language skills. Her approach is unique in that it is is fun, conversational, and completely tailored to each student's interests, hobbies, and skill level.

Anaïs' personalized teaching style keeps each lesson fresh and intellectually stimulating. Her passion for French language is infectious, and I look forward to each of our weekly lessons because is so fun to work with!

Furthermore, Anais provides ample study exercises and cultural media (for example -- interesting French songs, movies, tv shows, books, and more) for students to absorb on their own outside of class. This aspect of Anais' teaching style has helped me tremendously, as I am now a daily consumer of French media and tv shows that I would otherwise never have discovered.

Anais has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I would recommend her to French language lovers of all ages and skill levels!

Gerson F


Anaïs treats learning French as an individual process. In this way, classes become more and more interesting when we have as our guide someone who knows how to teach. Anaïs has been a fundamental support for me. She notices my difficulties and tries to eliminate them.
Anaïs is very supportive of my journey from level B2 to C1 and helps me with maintaining my fluency level, as the learning curve starts to be as flat as the curve after the initial levels. The way she expresses her concerns, and the effort and individual attention she gives to teach to students is commendable. I had a very special opportunity to meet her as a French teacher and I am very pleased with my performance thanks to Anaïs' support.

Sean A.

United States of America

When I started with Anais, my French was absolutely atrocious. That said, Anais was so friendly, gracious, and wrote down all of my mistakes/helped me to know what to focus on for the next lessons that I didn't get discouraged in the least and was excited for the next lessons.
Anais always made me feel like the progress I was making was noticeable, and that made me all the more motivated to keep going. I was later able to use my French on trips to France, to Belgium and when living on Reunion Island, so the gift of having been able to learn French to the point where I was able to speak it with native speakers has greatly enriched my life/expanded my view of what is possible when learning a language and where I might be able to go with it (literally and figuratively) in the future.
Anyone who wants to learn or improve their French in a fun and supportive environment from someone who is an absolute expert in the language should work with Anaïs. She is the perfect combination of the two traits that are so hard to find in the same person, and what makes the few great teachers one has the privilege of working with over a lifetime so great. Which is to say, first, an absolute domination over the subject matter they're teaching. Second, and likely even more important, is an infectious passion for what they're teaching, and the ability to impart that passion to others. With Anais, even though we were working hard at improving my French, our lessons quickly grew to feel like catching up with an old friend.