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Covid 19 update

The Immersive Retreats may start in 2022!

Dear French Learners, 
The immersive Retreat Project has been a dream of mine for several years: I cannot wait to take you with me to France and to help you improve your French while sharing the treasures of my culture with you.
Unfortunately, this dream had to be deleted for quite some time because of the pandemy caused by COVID 19. As a business owner, your safety is my first concern, and I will not have you travel overseas if it is not safe nor in compliance with current travel laws.
However, the vaccination rate is accelerating and things are starting to look brighter (although not everywhere). I am now hoping to offer the first immersive retreats in the summer of 2022. If this plan takes place, proof of vaccination or testing will be required to attend the retreat, to guarantee everyone's safety.
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Stay safe, 





Enjoy Dr. Anaïs' Immersive retreats in the French Loire Valley with a small group of francophiles.

Learn French.

Explore the gorgeous region of the Loire Valley.

Relax while we take care of you.


Anaïs'favorite spot in Angers, in the heart of the Loire Valley.

Starting in the summer of 2022*,

Dr. Anaïs will be hosting immersive retreats in the Loire Valley for learners who are looking to improve their language skills while exploring the beauty of French culture.

*Depending on the evolution of the situation with Covid 19. 

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