Do you love learning French? Do you miss taking interesting classes following a syllabus,

but not being stressed by exams? 


The intensive themed-courses by Dr. Anaïs

might be just what you need!

Starting in 2020, Dr. Anaïs will offer intensive French classes focused on a specific topic. For each course, the syllabus is designed - and the content is curated - with great care by me, Anaïs. When working on these courses, I put all the skills I have sharpened while teaching at universities in the past 10 years to bring you the most exciting, fascinating and structured journey to French. The classes are intentionally small in order to build a nice community and for me to give each learner the attention they deserve as they grow their French.

...And if you are wondering what to do this summer to treat yourself while not being able to travel, check out the first course below!

Juillet 2020 : Littérature 

En attendant Godot, Samuel Beckett, 1952

The first themed-course designed by Dr. Anaïs will be an exploration of a play written entirely in French by the famous Irish author Samuel Beckett.

This work is based on simple dialogues between characters who seem lost in a mysterious place.

What are they doing? They are waiting. Waiting for what, or for whom? They are waiting for Godot.

This play is a wonderful window on:

- A period of time: the middle of the 20th century

- A movement -"l'Absurde" 

- A theme that strikes a special chord in 2020: the paralysis of waiting.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced learners who are looking to use their French outside of a traditional French language class.

No pre-requirement in literature, come as you are with what you know or don't!

Everyone is welcome!

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